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Sound Hire | Lighting Hire | LED Screen Hire | Stage Hire | AV Hire | Sound & Lighting Hire

Sound Hire | Lighting Hire | LED Screen Hire | Stage Hire | AV Hire | Sound & Lighting Hire

2 smaller LED screens being built for hire. The best way to advertise your business or get noticed. This screen is waterproof and is visible under direct sunlight. Similar to the screens you see at Eden Park during rugby matches. This screen can be mounted on trailers and driven around or stood on the ground. It can be built to any size and shape and displays HD videos and images.



Sound Hire Auckland

Sound & Lighting Plus supplied sounds for the Auckland Indian Festival, Diwali, the festival of lights, at Vodafone Events Centre.  A Line Array Speaker System, ground stacked, was used for this event.

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SOUND SYSTEM EXPLAINED: Sound & Lighting is probably the biggest topic when it comes to events. Customers are now demanding more than a standard system but something that sounds pleasant for the 4-5 hour concert or event. The Line Array technology is a game changer. A wider coverage, longer reach for the back audience without making the front audience deaf and best of all, no echos. Sound travels in a pattern and not bouncing off ceilings and floors. But not all Line Arrays were created equal. You put a Line Array designed for outdoor use indoors, you will surely bust some ear drums. Sound & Lighting Plus has the right sounds and lighting to suit any event without busting ear drums and blinding people 😉

Sound & Lighting Plus is based in Auckland but we can cater for any event across New Zealand or even overseas.
Sound hire, Speaker hire, Lighting hire from simple LED Par Cans to moving head lighting for large scale concerts.
We can install, programme and operate for the duration of the show. Our sound engineers are available for tours as well.



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